• General lighting
  • Valances and coves
  • Task Lighting
  • Merchandise
    display furniture
  • Cabinets
  • Display cases
  • Counters   


  • An all purpose sidemount strip suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Sizes available 22”, 34”, 46” & 58”
  • Available in single sidemounted, double sidemounted
    or 3 lamp strip
  • Ballast cover is secured with 2 sheet metal screws
  • Fully enclosed wiring
  • End plates have 7/8” knockout for continuous mounting
  • Multiple 7/8” knockouts for entry points
  • Knockouts included for a convenience outlet and/or pull switch
  • Knockouts provided for multiple mounting capabilities
  • Surface, wall or pendant mounts for indoor applications


  • Die formed heavy gauge cold roll steel finished in white polyester polymer with high reflectivity. Ballast cover secured by 2 sheet metal screws.


  • Electronic ballasts:120V,120-277V,347V
  • All electrical components are UL approved/recognized
  • Lamp holders provided ensure positive lamp retention
  • Standard ballast are electronic program rapid start for T5 lamp configurations
  • The standard voltage is 120V,60HZ or as specified. Units are also available which are suitable for multi-voltages and 50-60HZ


  • Dimming Ballast (D)
  • Emergency Ballast* (EM)
    *Consult factory for specifications
  • Convenience outlet (R)
  • Power Cord w/molded plug (C)
  • Pull Switch (PS)
  • Sensors



*Required field