• Valance and Coves
  • Signage
  • Task lighting
  • Merchandise
    display furniture
  • Counters and


  • Eliminates shadows with 3” overlap from lamp ends
  • Desirable for applications where even light distribution is required
  • Intended for row mounting
  • Shallow profile housing, 3” wide by 1 1/2” deep
  • Fully enclosed wiring
  • Single ballast cover provided for non tandem units
  • Available in nominal sizes from 24” to 99”
  • Available in single or double lamping
  • Knockouts for entry points located on the ends and back of housing
  • Multiple ballasts capable
  • Surface or pendant mount for indoor applications


  • Machined formed heavy gauge pre-painted white cold rolled steel.


  • Electronic ballasts:120V,120-277V,347V
  • All electrical components are UL approved/recognized
  • Lamp holders provided ensure positive lamp retention
  • Standard ballast are electronic instant start for T8 lamp configurations
  • The standard voltage is 120V,60HZ or as specified. Units are also available which are suitable for multi-voltages and 50-60HZ


  • Dimming Ballast (D)
  • Emergency Ballast (EM)
  • Power Cord w/molded plug (C)
  • Sensors


*Required field