From coast to coast

Founded in December 2003, Foresight Lighting has established itself as a reliable supplier catering to the industrial, commercial, hospitality and retail environments. Our philosophy has always been a customer first approach, while maintaining high quality standards of products.

Our Mission

The mission of Foresight Lighting is to be the leading provider of distinctive and superior quality designed fluorescent and LED lighting fixtures in the industrial, commercial, and retail markets throughout North America.

“We will make you feel like you are our only customer.” 

Foresight tries to differentiate itself from others, we are not a “me too” company. Naturally, there are some commodity products that we do offer to help our customer complete the project, however for the most part, we put together a line of products that separate us from others. This philosophy in conjunction with our service oriented, customer first approach and values has led to our success.


Quality - We ensure that the products we offer meet rigorous analysis & quality control as well as using components from recognized leaders of national brands.

Our people -Dedicated, experienced, and knowledgeable

Personal Service - We promote a customer first approach throughout the organization.

Reliability -We deliver on our promises

Since our inception, we have maintained success and growth in every year. In the past 4 years, our sales numbers have grown by 25%, expanded to new locations three times and have increased our staff by at least 15% every year.

Our strategy in the marketplace is to be a service-oriented business, offering a quick response time as well as quick turn-around times on product. Lighting layouts and joint calls are just some of the services we offer in order for our network to be successful together.

Furthermore, our strategy has never been to chase others, but rather create our own market share, doing so by paying attention to the specification community, a push-pull sales strategy is one we feel is effective and we strive to work towards it, hence our network of distributors have and will always be important to us and our growth.